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Welcome to your new favorite brand, we’re so glad you’re here! We are on a mission to promote an attitude of inclusivity where differences in ability are celebrated rather than stigmatized.


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Say aloud our logo RBrand and it sounds like "Our Brand." Ricevi is the brand for people of all ages who have some sort of medically diagnosed disability. It is our hope that this brand positively impacts society's reception of those with disabilities. 

How different would our world be if each person was received and accepted, always, despite their differences? If those differences were celebrated rather than judged? If each person was considered equal, able, worthy?

These are the changes Ricevi was created to inspire in the world.

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Different, Not Less - Vintage Tee

The best way to spread awareness is to spark conversations! Our best-selling vintage tees have done just that. This original RBrand design represents different abilities while highlighting that not all disabilities are visible. We love seeing how our community has taken this simple tee and created stylish outfits - grab yours & tag us on social!


Celebrating Differences Collection

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Your purchase gives 25% back to Specially Gifted Foundation.

Specially Gifted Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization est. in January 2020. "At Specially Gifted Foundation, we believe that children with disabilities deserve to be loved and valued as equals in our society. We respect the unique journey that each of their families faces and are dedicated to enriching their lives by providing them with a special gift or opportunity, beneficial resources, and a sense of community."